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PremiumChoice - Fund disclosure documents

Fund disclosure documents

Fund Disclosure Documents are required by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). They contain specific information on the investment funds offered within our Services.

Fund Disclosure Documents are supplied to ensure that investors and their financial advisers have all the information required to make an informed investment choice.

Legislation requires that a related Fund Disclosure Document be given to investors for each investment selected as part of their portfolio.

Term deposits available via our Services do not have, nor require, a Fund Disclosure Document.

Suspended funds 

The relevant Responsible Entities have declared these investments as illliquid and as a result the Trustee of the Navigator superannuation funds have removed them from the product list.  Some members will be invested in these products and so these PDS are provided here as a matter of record only.

Target Market Determinations

Copies of the funds' TMDs are available at