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22 March, 2022

Annual Member Meeting

Your super and financial wellbeing in 2022

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13 July, 2021

Why COVID has more impact on some super accounts

Understanding how super is being invested may help to explain why events like COVID are impacting account balances.

4 min read

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13 July, 2021

Pros and cons of self-managed super funds

Looking to run your own super fund? We look at what makes an SMSF more attractive than investing through a regular super fund. And assess some of the downsides.

4 min read

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12 July, 2021

How much do you need to retire?

There’s a whole host of factors that will determine how much you need to retire. It can be complex – but it doesn’t have to be.

4 min read


30 June, 2021

EOFY Contribution Dates 20/21

10 min read

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23 June, 2021

Removal of Superannuation Contributions Statement

2 min read


26 April, 2021

Transferring your wealth to the next generation

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to transferring your wealth, we’ve highlighted a few considerations to get you started.

5 min read


23 April, 2021

Thinking about a tree/sea change?

With more Aussies adapting to working from home during COVID, relocating to regional areas has become more achievable. Here’s some things to consider.

2 min read


15 April, 2021

6 financial moves to make in your 50s and 60s

Here’s six smart financial moves that may make your next few decades the time of your life.

5 min read

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15 April, 2021

How to avoid the biggest investment mistakes

To help you on your path to success as an investor, we’ve outlined some of the most common and expensive investment mistakes and how to avoid them.

4 min read

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15 April, 2021

How to build wealth in your 30s

Want to build wealth in your 30s so you can chill later? Here’s how.

5 min read


15 April, 2021

Building wealth in your 40s

How to build wealth in your 40s for a successful and secure future.

5 min read


26 March, 2021

Our Annual Outcome Assessments are now available.
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19 January, 2021

Strategies to rebuild super after early access

If you've access your super early due to COVID, we consider how you can boost and rebuild your retirement savings when your circumstances allow.

5 min read


19 January, 2021

Retirement: where to start

If you really want to end up with the retirement you envision, there are some things you can start doing right now.

6 min read


14 September, 2020

Is investing in bonds safe?

While not completely risk-free, bonds are regarded as one of the safer investment types in the market. Here’s why.

5 min read


31 August, 2020

Are super contributions tax deductible?

Are super contributions tax deductible? We identify those that are.

5 min read


14 September, 2020

Why super balances fluctuate

Your super balance may have fluctuated dramatically this year. We look at why that’s happened and what it means over the short and long-term.

4 min read


31 August, 2020

Managing your finances after divorce or separation

A separation or divorce can be among the most stressful times in your life. These financial tips can help you keep control of your money—and get your life back on track.

5 min read


25 August, 2020

Managing investment risk and economic uncertainty

COVID-19 has created tremendous investment and economic uncertainty. Here are some insights to what’s going on and how investors can get their plans back on track.

8 min read

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19 August, 2020

Early release of super – second application

If you’re considering making a second application under the Coronavirus early release of super payment, there may be other options available..

8 min read


17 August, 2020

Managing the COVID-19 crisis–an update on Government policies that might affect you

In global terms, Australia is managing the COVID-19 crisis well. However, loss of consumer and business confidence have affected the economy and so the Government has stepped in with massive support measures.

5 min read